The Mazda GLC

William Shakespeare once wrote that "A rose by any other name smells as sweet." Obviously the car manufacturer Mazda felt the same way because for over 30 years this company made a line of cars known as the Familia that went under a variety of other names as well as body shapes. One such popular name was the Mazda GLC or 323 as it became known in North America.

The Mazda familias were sold in 1964 and ran an astounding 39 years until their demise in 2003. During this time the body shapes changed and so did the name depending on which country you bought your car in. Some of the names that the Mazda familia was sold under included the Mazda 800, 1200, 1300. In South Africa this car was called the Etude, in the Columbia the 8th generation version of the familia was known as the Allegro. And at one time in Asia it was also called the Ford Laser.

North America knew this car throughout the generations as the Mazda GLC, 323, and later as a Ford Escort and the Mercury Tracer. However, it was under the name Mazda GLC that Americans first fell in love with the Mazda car line and it was under this name that Mazda topped the Toyota Corolla for sales, which was considered quite a feat and established Mazda as a car company with serious intent.

The Mazda GLC was the car of the 1980s with its smaller fuel efficient engine it seemed as though almost every household had one. These cars quickly became the idea of fuel efficiency for a generation who wanted smaller, budget cars that were not the gas guzzlers of the past.

Many of GLC's outlasted other makes and models as well with parents handing down their cars to their children and in some cases those children then handing down their GLC to their own children. It was not unusual for one of these cars to rack up 200,000 miles and still keep running.

Not surprisingly many people have fond memories of having owned a Madza GLC or 323 and there are forums on the Internet where people who have come across a running GLC or one they are rebuilding will share their progress with other GLC lovers. Whenever, this occurs there is a great response from other people who owned or knew someone who owned one of these cars, and wants to share their memories. For those people who do enjoy recalling their own days as an owner of this great make of car visiting can help you to relive that experience and perhaps, share it with others.

The Mazda GLC may not have been a sharp sports car, or even one of the flashiest cars ever to hit the road, but it managed to carve a very special niche for itself in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. No, it was never the flashiest car ever made, but to those who owned this triumph of car building ingenuity it is the one car that most people, who owned one, will never forget.

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